Brownbuilt Construction is owned by Richard Brown who has been involved in building new homes and renovating existing homes for more than 20 years.

Richard is an unusual breed of builder as his experience extends to civil construction as well where he has been involved in building pipelines and dam walls.

Today, Richard and his team concentrate on building beautiful new homes in the Auckland Region but has built homes as far as Whangarei and Taupo. He and his team also deliver beautiful home extensions, from adding on new garages, to adding a new level in a home, adding on new rooms and renovating the outside of buildings.

Talk to anyone that has worked with Brownbuilt and you will hear words like – “Produced quality work under difficult conditions and tight deadlines” or “competent and conscientious” or “wealth of knowledge”.

Richard and his team are the consumate building professionals. If you are wanting to book an appointment with Richard to discuss your building requirements please contact us here: